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You’ve put in long hours of DIY web design time and now you’re ready to launch your new WordPress website? So how do you do this launch thing anyways? Well, here is a thorough launch checklist of vital tasks to prepare your site to be released into the world. Disclaimer: this article assumes that you have […]

As sunshine, “warm” temps and clear trails spark off spring fever here in Anchorage, maintaining your website can become much less appealing. But before you turn off your laptop to go play for the summer, we recommend doing a bit of housekeeping to make sure your site is healthy and serving you well through the […]

WordPress isn’t just for your teenager’s angsty fashion blog. Big businesses around the world depend on this popular web platform to power high end websites like Microsoft News, Vogue India, Bloomberg Professional, Toyota Brazil and Canada.com. Chances are, many of the websites that you visit regularly are also built in WordPress. So, what makes it […]

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