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    Project Description We are proud to announce our latest utility company website redesign!  ENSTAR Natural Gas asked SWS (Sound Web Solutions) to reinvent their website’s graphic design, improve the user experience, integrate with third party account tools and provide training that enables staff to manage the site in-house.  The new site boasts a […]

  Project Description The new APIA website focuses on providing the information most relevant to their customers in a completely redefined user interface, fully optimized for mobile devices and for slow connections. A large website with a great deal of content, a variety of approaches were used to incorporate photo archives, multiple news types and […]

Project Description Contemporary, fully mobile and completely custom, this high end website design for the Valdez Museum and Historical Archive (VMHA) is a key piece in the Museum’s rebranding strategy. Completely reimagining both the graphic design and the functionality of the website,  SWS built a custom WordPress theme from the ground-up.  Included is an impressive […]

  Project Description Southcentral Foundation wanted to get more from their website. Built in non-responsive HTML without a Content Management System meant that all changes had to be handled by one web person and adding additional functionality would be difficult and costly. After taking our WordPress Work Shop, they decided to make the leap to […]

You’ve put in long hours of DIY web design time and now you’re ready to launch your new WordPress website? So how do you do this launch thing anyways? Well, here is a thorough launch checklist of vital tasks to prepare your site to be released into the world. Disclaimer: this article assumes that you have […]

As sunshine, “warm” temps and clear trails spark off spring fever here in Anchorage, maintaining your website can become much less appealing. But before you turn off your laptop to go play for the summer, we recommend doing a bit of housekeeping to make sure your site is healthy and serving you well through the […]

What makes a great website? If your answer is compelling graphics, powerful messaging and great SEO, I would say, well, yes, those things can be used to make a pretty awesome site. But they can also be used to make a site that  sits silently on the web gathering dust. More than having the right […]

Why Web Designers Won’t Touch Wix: SEO The biggest reason of all: Wix doesn’t get SEO. That’s right folks. If you are looking for a professional approach to managing SEO for the long term, then you’ll want to stay far, far away from Wix.  I know this through personal experience. A painful, frustrating experience that […]

Choose the best type of website for your business Websites are incredibly powerful tools that, when combined with the right strategy, can transform your business. The trick is to make the right choices when it comes to branding, content and functionality. However, unless you’re a web expert, that’s often easier said than done. So, just […]

WordPress isn’t just for your teenager’s angsty fashion blog. Big businesses around the world depend on this popular web platform to power high end websites like Microsoft News, Vogue India, Bloomberg Professional, Toyota Brazil and Chances are, many of the websites that you visit regularly are also built in WordPress. So, what makes it […]

Why Web Developers Won’t Touch Wix And why professional websites don’t use it Lots of people love Wix. It hearkens back to happy childhood memories of playing with Lego or Barbie sets, bringing your imaginary scenes to life with all of the provided pieces. As long you were happy with the pieces that you had, […]

Power up your online store One of the most popular WordPress shop tools, WooCommerce offers lots of great add-ons to its core online store functionality. These affordable extensions can build trust, streamline the purchasing process and automate marketing. If you use WooCommerce and your goal is to increase online sales (who doesn’t want this?), then these five tools can […]

  Project Background We have had the honor of providing Bill Walker with web services for many different projects over the years. For his 2014 campaign for Alaska Governor, we refit our previous campaign website to meet the needs of an incredibly dynamic 2014 campaign season. From shifting parties, to partnering with Mallott as a running mate, we worked closely […]

Urgent Security Vulnerability WordPress SEO An urgent security warning has just been issued for Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin, which has a vulnerability that allows hackers to inject nasty stuff into your WordPress website’s database. If your site has SEO, then you’re probably using Yoast’s fantastic tool.  The good news is that a fix has already been issued  and all […]

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Do you know how many customers your website is bringing in? How about current clients, are they using the website tools you built for them? Is your website doing everything it can possibly do to help your business? If you’re unsure of the answers to any of these questions, then your business could benefit from […]

I’m excited to announce a new partnership with Out of a Jam Solutions (OOAJ), with whom SWS has had a long term (business) relationship that has been so successful that we’ve decided to tie the knot. Serving Palmer, Wasilla, Anchorage and beyond, OOAJ has provided down-to-earth service in Apple IT, technology consulting and web design […]

This past weekend I attended an informative and fun AIGA lecture/workshop that shared big agency approaches to mobile web design (aka responsive design), mobile app design, user experience and bringing it all together with super iterative Agile project management techniques. Presenter Aaron Shurts, President of AIGA Seattle and  Associate Creative Director at Deloitte Digital, talked about his experience […]

A web design workshop coming to a town near you… Homer! Join us this coming weekend in lovely Homer, Alaska, for a DIY workshop on building and maintaining your own website with WordPress. Geared towards artists, non-profits, small business owners and those who maintain other people’s websites, this class will lay a solid foundation of […]

Protect your website Popularity has its downside, unfortunately, and web based Content Management Systems have indeed become very popular. For this reason, the number of hacker and malware attacks on WordPress and Joomla! websites have increased significantly in recent months. In fact, it’s estimated that 50% of the nearly 60,000,000 WordPress websites have malware or […]

Project Description This fun redesign project focused on positioning TriJet Manufacturing Services LLC as a leader in Industrial Manufacturing in Alaska & the US. The custom graphic and UX (user experience/interface) design incorporate the brand into a sleek, user friendly web layout that communicates professionalism, success and sophistication. Using WordPress as the base for the […]

SWS is co-teaching another WordPress seminar in April here in Anchorage! Learn how to design, build & maintain your own website. We walk you through each step of the process, giving you personalized attention and making sure your questions are answered along the way. Great for non-profits and DIYers! Check out Out of a Jam […]

Why choose Sound Web Solutions for the best website design for your business? 1. SWS is your web support team: responsive and committed. Time and time again new clients tell us that they were unhappy with their previous web developer because of a lack of responsiveness to requests for website updates. Our goal is to […]

Website Planning Basics for your WordPress Site Building your own website doesn’t have to be an overwhelming endeavor. Even if you’re technologically challenged, you can learn to put together a decent custom website using WordPress,  an extremely popular and easy-to-use CMS (content management system). WordPress will not only give you much greater flexibility than most […]

  Project Description SWS had the honor of developing the web and mobile sites for this international economic conference. Given the high profile nature of the event, our primary goal was to create a unique and extremely usable design that would make the site memorable for visitors. On-the-go mobile access also figured prominently into the […]

So, you’ve got a great idea for a business. You’ve invested many long nights in developing the perfect business plan, which helped you get the big loan you needed to purchase the space and equipment required.  You have an accomplished manager on board, you’ve contracted a bookeeper and you’re ready to start hunting for employees. […]

Fabulous photos are the centerpiece of the new Hatcher Pass Lodge website. The minimal design shows off the beautiful scenery of the Talkeetna mountains, inviting people to stay in the lodge or just stop by the restaurant for a bit to eat.  Designed in partnership with the fabulous Out of a Jam Solutions, based in […]

Accessibility, empowerment, connection, energy. SWS identified these as being the core concepts  behind APE Consulting and brought them to life using fun, vibrant colors, friendly typography and active lines. We put together a logo, business cards and a website for this fabulous client.

The redesigned Alaska Gasline Port Authority website gives the oganization a more contemporary look, including a subtle header animation that emphasizes the benefits of the project for Alaskans. Content was revised and reorganized to be more succinct and user friendly so that site viewers, as well as search engines, can quickly find the information they […]

Keeping your small business website alive and valuable means that, as a business owner, you will need to continue to regularly feed your investment. Finding the extra time can be tough but with a little bit of planning and these helpful tips, your website will be well fed! 1. Make a schedule Monthly updates are […]

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